Body Language

This article covers how to change the body language of a character in a Story

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What is body language?

Body language is a tool in the timeline editor that you can use to make the characters more expressive and engaging. You can find the body language on the bottom blue bar of the timeline editor.

Changing body language

You can add new body language to your character by clicking the body language symbol on the left side of the timeline. This will open the body language overlay where you can select the body language you would like to apply to your character.

Editing Body languages

Using your mouse you can drag on the sides of the clips to change their duration. (Note that there can be no gaps in the body language bar.) You can also edit the body language, emotion and where the character is looking by clicking at the body language clip. You can also split a clip into two pieces that you can customize separately by pressing the split button.

As long as there are 2 or more clips, you can also choose to delete a clip by pressing the trash can icon. Note that this will lengthen the remaining clips to close any gap left by the removed clip.


A Story with lots of varied body language and gestures is more engaging for your users. Just like in real life, watching someone standing straight and speaking without any excitement or gesticulation can be quite boring.

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