A general overview of nodes in We Are Learning and how to use them

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What are nodes?

In We Are Stories are written and organized using nodes.

Nodes contain the information about what is happening in your Story, like which characters are present, what they are saying and what response options the user has. When you first create a new Story, you will start out with only the starting node.

The starting node

All Stories must contain a starting node. Think of the starting node as the entry point to the Story. From the starting node you can add another node as shown in the image below.

Dialogue nodes

A dialogue node will allow you to write dialogue that will be presented by the characters in the scene.

Response nodes

A response node allows you to write response options for the user to select from.

A response node can also be edited to change a users skill explorer score. You can read more about the skill explorer in the <skill explorer article link here>.

Poster nodes

Poster nodes are presented as a poster on top of the current scene of the Story. They are great for presenting information to the user that is not supposed to be speech from one of the characters.

Event Nodes

Event nodes are nodes that allow you to make changes to your Story scene.

This can be things like Change the location, adding or removing actors, zoom in or out on the actors or reposition them.

End Sim nodes

And lastly we have the end sim nodes, that allow you to define an end point for your Story. The Story can be ended as either a success or a failure.

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